Phil Greenaway Consultancy

Effective strategic consulting services for education and sport.


Phil has a long and successful career in professional sport along with a decade as Director of Sport at one of England’s top independent schools. This unique mix of experience, along with his extensive industry knowledge enables Phil to provide a personalised range of high quality consulting services to your team.

Whether it be individual guidance or expert help for your whole team, Phil is determined to raise standards across the board. His insight, passion and dedication to improving participation, developing sustainable infrastructure and demanding excellence in education, within the sporting landscape, makes him an ideal asset to your business.

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Project Management Services

PGC is adept at successfully managing sporting and educational projects from conceptual ideas through to completion.  Phil has a long history of project implementation and management at schools, sporting clubs and charities. From small developmental projects through to large scale multi-dimensional ventures, Phil’s scope, knowledge and vision will ensure that all stakeholders, compliance regulations and budgetary considerations are managed collaboratively. 


Sport Programme Development Services

Phil has a wealth of experience in developing school calendar and sporting club seasonal programmes, physical education curriculums, including GCSE, A Level and BTech programs and all manners of sporting fixtures programs.  All aspects of resources from facilities and staffing, through to medical, ground staff and agreed minimum standards will be discussed and developed to create a programme aligned with your needs.

Sport Infrastructure Development Services

PGC is expertly placed to design, support and manage the development or upgrade of infrastructure for your school, club, company or charity. Phil will help develop robust structures to support the on-going deployment of your sporting infrastructure, while providing best practice knowledge and experience.  Following initial consultations with key stakeholders, Phil will provide clear plans and guidance for all tender proposals and long term sustainable developments.


Director of Sport Best Practice Services

As an experienced Director of Sport, Phil is perfectly placed to support Directors of Sport and other senior staff, including COOs , Deputy Co-Curricular and Deputy Pastoral Care Heads with advising on all matters of sport and co-curricular within their departments. These include 360 degree leadership, staff development, communication plans, strategic plans, parental engagement, procurement procedures, risk assessments, tour planning, coaching best practice and many others.  Additionally, Phil is an excellent resource and point of contact when planning inspirational guest speaker programs for staff, students and sporting team members. 

Athlete Support Services

Phil’s deep rooted love and passion for all things sport and health related makes him an ideal sports or life coach for both individuals and team. Phil has worked with, and learnt from the best over his sporting and teaching career and has dedicated his life to improving the lives of youths and fellow colleagues both on and off the field.  His commitment to continually improving his knowledge and understanding, as well as constantly being up to date and involved with trends in the health and well-being industry, aligned to his network, make Phil an ideal point of contact for anyone considering improving their own or their team’s performance on and off of the pitch.



Please contact Phil for an initial consultation regarding support in any area.